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Have a design already in mind?  Unique site or design constraints?  DMS Architects and ADUPDX also offer custom designed ADU's to meet your specific requirements.

We realize that the design of your ADU is of the utmost importance. There are numerous reasons that you may choose to have your ADU custom-designed, including: 
  • Proper layout. The orientation of rooms and spaces in relation to the existing house (for privacy and/or connection) and to exterior yards and spaces is very important 
  • Unique site. Perhaps your site only allows a long, skinny, ADU.  Perhaps your site slopes and you'd like walk-in storage space below - we can do that!  
  • Unique architecture. ADUs are required to match the architecture of the existing house.  If your house is not the typical Portland Craftsman - we can help design an ADU that works with the roof, windows and detailing of your existing house. 
  • Cost. A custom-designed ADU doesn't have to break the bank. We can typically design and engineer your custom, 1 story, ADU for $6-7k.  A 2 story ADU is typically about 1-2k more.  An ADU that has a great layout, is appropriate for your site and works with the existing houses's architecture adds value  to your investment!

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