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ADU's are allowed in almost all jurisdictions.  Every City or County has its specific requirements - Portland's highlights are below.  See our Resources page for all jurisdictions:

  • In Portland - ADU's allowed on all single dwelling residential lots (R2.5-R20)
  • Other cities/counties allow ADU's on many residential lots 
  • ADU's created by converting an existing space (garage, basement) or constructing new unit.
  • ADU must resemble main house - roof pitch, siding, windows must all be similar
  • Maximum 800 sf or 75% of house - whichever is less
  • Maximum 18' in height (measured to midpoint of sloped roof - can be above garage if designed properly)
  • Cannot be used as business with either employees or customers (counseling, hair cutting, etc.)


40' x 100' lot with existing rental house - ADU added to create second rental/living unit.  Separate entires, yards, etc. for each unit!  70% increase in rent from property!
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